About Us

Supreme Ice Cream Truck

After a over 50 year successful career in the automotive industry Bill D'Alessandro wanted to retire from that industry, but didn't want to just sit on a couch. He wanted to do something he enjoyed and had thought about an Ice Cream Truck for years.

He loved the fact that the majority of people that see and hear an Ice Cream Truck absolutely love it, they smile, they dance and they enjoy it. Bill wanted to take it one step further, he didn’t want just a broken down old van slap some stickers on it and go sell.
He and his wife Paula wanted something special for people and he wanted it very clean, So he invested in an almost new truck with only 6,000 miles then added an extensive menu of over 50 different ice cream choices, some classic, some current and some novelty! He also added plenty of snack choices, novelty and conventional candy as well as Pretzels and Nachos with a side of cheese, Cotton Candy, Cracker Jacks and more. As the business matures, we will add and adjust the products according to what pleases our customers.
Bill and Paula D’Alessandro are very happy with the business and response from their customers and look forward to servicing them for years to come.
Thank you so much for your business.
Bill and Paula D’Alessandro